Beaver Sleepovers

Beaver Scout Sleepovers are an important part of the Beaver Scout experience. A Sleepover can be held with the entire Colony or a selection of Beaver Scouts. It gives the Beaver Scouts the opportunity to try new things and probably to go away with their friends for the first time. Sleepovers are packed full of adventure and fun, both for Beaver Scouts and Leaders.

Although a kit list will be issued before any Sleepover, this list will give you an idea of the type of things you will need…….This is a typical kit list for a 1 night Beaver Sleepover.

All this kit should fit into a waterproof holdall, rucksack or kit bag (no bin bags or suitcases please).

All kit must be clearly named.

  • Uniform & necker (to be worn for arrival and departure)
  • 2 Season sleeping bag
  • Pillow & case
  • Pyjamas (sorry girls no nighties)
  • 2 pairs of trousers (no jeans!)
  • 2 warm jumpers/sweatshirts
  • 2 T-shirts or similar
  • Underwear (one pair per day plus one spare)
  • Socks (one pair per day plus one spare)
  • Wash kit including a towel and flannel
  • Torch and spare batteries (not wind up)
  • Water Bottle
  • A sleepover mascot (Teddy)
  • Sunhat or scarf, hat & gloves depending on season
  • Waterproof jacket (and trousers if owned)
  • Hiking boots/wellies/sturdy trainers for outdoors
  • Slippers/plimsolls or similar for indoors
  • Tea towel
  • Book/comic for bedtime story
  • Plastic carrier bag (to put dirty clothes in)
  • No more than £3 pocket money for the shop (sweets and souvenirs – badges, pens & woggles)
  • Camp fire Blanket (if you have one). Why not start one for this camp here is information about making a camp blanket

DO NOT pack the following:

  • Food and Drink (we provide that)
  • Sweets and tuck (we provide that too)
  • Electronic games / toys
  • Radios / MP3 players / iPods
  • Mobile phones (You will be informed who your In Touch contact will be during the camp)
  • Other electronic equipment
  • Pen knife
  • Matches/lighters