Monday Beavers

Monday Beavers are one of two Beaver colonies who meet at the Bethesda Church Hall.

Monday Beavers is run by Phil Carpenter and four +  regular volunteers including Becky Cotton, Adrian and Juliette.

In the summer, weather permitting, we meet every three weeks or so at the University of Gloucestershire Park Campus for a range of challenging outside activities within the safe confines of the superb campus. Whether working for specific badges or playing favorite games like British Bulldog the beavers love being outside and letting rip!

Our Lodges

We have divided our Beaver colony into three lodges – The Rabbits, The Badgers and The Foxes.  Each lodge comprises a lodge leader (who tends to be the eldest in the lodge) and approximately 6 Beavers.

Beavers are awarded ‘pasta points’ for showing initiative, commitment, care for others, each lodge competes for the most pasta points at the end of the term.

Our Leaders

Phil Carpenter (Beaver Scout Leader) – Phil has been helping out with Monday Beavers since his son Finn joined in February 2013. Phil, a keen mountaineer, triathlete and ex adventure scout, enjoys challenging the beavers with a wide range of imaginative sports and physical challenges. ”No matter what I throw at them they seem to rise to the challenge and give it their all. Helping kids to develop their physical initiative is very rewarding”

Becky Cotton

Becky became a parent helper when her Son Sam joined in October 2011. As a super-active mum Becky gets involved in a wide variety of  childrens’ after-school and sporting activities from vocal touchline support at Leckhampton Rovers on a Saturday morning to helping out at various after-school clubs.  As well  helping to keep order when things get a bit too lively Becky keeps track of achievements and the awarding of badges. Becky hopes to continue to help out at Beavers when Sam’s younger brother Charlie starts officially later this year.

Adrian Cork

Adrian joined beavers as a parent helper when is son Alan joined in October 2012. Adrian was once a Cub Scout as well in the Army Cadets as a cadet then an instructor. He has also worked at a number of outdoor activity and education centres in France and the UK instructing a variety of water and land based activities. Adrian enjoys helping out at Monday Beavers because it gives him the chance to use the skills he learned as an activity instructor as well as take part in all the energy, creativity, noise and challenge. There is so much variety from week to week it’s never boring!